This year we had the greatest gift come our way, the chance to be parents. We've always been ones to follow our hearts, but the one thing you don't hear very often is, how much hard work goes into achieving and maintaining those dreams.
We made the decision to move to a place, we believed, would be perfect to birth our child. We had envisioned a home birth, a peaceful non-intervening environment, to welcome our child into the world and the island of Maui facilitated that.
We have been making this very difficult transition throughout the pregnancy and have spent months apart from each other in order to make this a reality. We don't regret a thing and now our little girl is a couple of weeks from joining us earthside.
This transition has left us with little time to celebrate her with a shower or a blessing and has taken so much, emotionally and financially, to accomplish. Which is why we decided to create this Baby Fund, as a way for those who had wanted to give and celebrate with us, to do so and in hopes to gather some much needed things to receive her with.

Thank you all for the love and support,
John, Karolyn and baby Eckstrom

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